Mount Static

Tactile transducers, loudspeakers, maxMSP, wood and fabric / 2018.
Mount Static appears as two boxes. The boxes have tactile transducers mounted to the floors, making the structure of the construction itself into sounding objects. The sound of Mount Static is based on an algorithm that will produce sound based on numbers calculated in real time: Numbers that are either there or not there, numbers that are either the double or the same. This translates in mathematical terms to multiplying with 1 or 0, and multiplying with 2 or 1. This done multiple times, adds layers of relations between numbers, and thus the sound. Mount Static is a study of the nature of numbers. It should touch the body. 
            Mount Static could appear as a mountain. It would be a simplistic nature, a failing mountain. Deviation from the perfect numbers are born in the materials – in metal, in wood, in the human body. 

Photo by Ilan Katin.