Mirrored / Mirror

4-channel audio + mechanical moving objects
Bamboo, plexi glass, copper sheets, speaker elements, transdusers
Live performances
Light by Blank Blank Film

Mirrored / mirror is a 7" release, a film collaboration with Blank Blank, and a live performance project. The live performance was based on the idea of taking the concert down from the stage and take over the room. We constructed 4 simple objects, made from bamboo, plexi glass, copper pipes and copper sheets. They would create sound in the space, controlled through the laptop and the space manifesting itself through the sub sonic movements of speaker elements, as well as transdusers attached to the plexi glass and a copper sheet. Performed at: 

        Ehemaliges Stumfilmkino Delphi, Berlin, DE
        Festival Boreales, Caen, FR
        Ekko festval, Bergen, NO