Copper wire, 4 channe audio, 4 speaker elements, 2 piezo microphones, Max/MSP patch

Morphogenesis begins with the creation of a copper structure – a monotonous process of addition to an expanding net of metal. The material is a spiral of cells, layers of rows grow outward, each new cell depending on the previous one for the next to be created. It is crocheted from 5 kilos of copper wire. The wire originates from Bundeswehr stockpiles, where it was used for cable harnesses in airplanes.
          Once it has reached its full size, it starts working by itself, forming cycles, now in the form of sound waves. Its language is sub-sonic sound, imperceivable to the human ear. Stripped of its audible attributes, in Morphogenesis the sound waves are reduced to their mechanical movement, discernable only to the human eye. The speakers also carry the sound signals picked up by transducers attached to the copper body. Morphogenesis self-monitors its own behavior, seeking order by adjusting its movement accordingly.
          Morphogenesis can and will be many things at once. It is a single structure consisting of one string organized into a single whole. It is a multiplicity of centres formed from the small independent cells of the structure, intermittantly emphasized by the constantly changing movement of matter.

Morphogenesis (2015)
Kühlhaus, Berlin
Shedhalle, Tübingen

Morphogenesis II. Matter, electric (2016)
Quiet Cue, Berlin

Morphogenesis III. 0 (2017)
Firstdraft, Sydney