Silje Nes

Selected work

Inner Workings

Mount Static

Room of Hidden Mountain


Mirrored / Mirror
Schwierigkeiten beim Schweben
Move Nimbly with Light Rapid Steps
Schaperstraße 24 



Sept 7

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo. Live performance, Opening of Høstutstillingen 

Aug 28
BEK, Bergen. Live performance

June 14–26
BCMA, Berlin. The Moment before Falling, the Time in Between (with Katrin Caspar)

Jan 22–27
TITANIC, Turku, FI. Schaperstraße 24 (with Jessica Ekomane)


Inner Workings

Wood, wire.
Innner Workings is the first stage of an installation that explores the material properties of wood, examining its inherent timbral properties. The wood in Inner Workings is naked, cut to industrial standards. It is a dead and peeled tree, unrecognisable as tree, recognizable as building material human constructions. The installation is half construction, half instrument.

Visitors are invited to interact with the installation. BcMA, Berlin, june 2019.

Performance by Islaja (FI) and Billy Murray (AUS).